We found Alphaus team very responsive, listening and responding to our needs as we help our clients navigate the dynamic future of cloud management. We could sense a strong commitment from their team to cater to our feature requests in a timely manner.

Cloud Comrade Pte. Ltd.
Industry: Cloud Computing Consultancy
Number of employees: 51-200 Employees

Cloud Comrade is an enterprise-focused, Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy established in June 2014. They are part of ST Telemedia Cloud, a leading public cloud solutions provider across Asia-Pacific and is the only South-East Asia headquartered AWS Partner Network Premier Tier Consulting Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner. Cloud Comrade is one hundred percent dedicated to implementing infrastructure as a service solutions and building bespoke IT solutions for our customers on top of cloud platforms.

The SaaS solutions from Alphaus for billing management and cloud cost optimization provide us with the requisite tools, information, and intelligence to achieve these seamlessly. These tools are integral to our operations and in use 24/7. Alphaus’ Wave and Ripple go a long way in helping maximize ROI, one of the key value propositions for moving to the cloud.

Andy Waroma
Cloud Comrade Pte. Ltd.
Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director


Despite the promising growth and outlook for migration to the cloud, the complexity and lack of adequate clarity into the costs of cloud infrastructure deployment present a serious challenge for businesses making or facilitating such a transition.

‘Cloud waste’ or sub-optimal utilization of cloud resources is another major pain point, preventing businesses from deriving maximum ROI on their cloud spend.

Suggested Solution

Cloud Comrade had been on the lookout for a more effective solution and a reliable partner who could help navigate the dynamic future of cloud management to jointly deliver even greater value and a better cloud experience for their customers.

The overall value of Alphaus’ solutions and support, with the ability for bespoke integrations to the financial services system, were key considerations for Cloud Comrade to switch to Alphaus’ products as critical components for its business operations. It also provides greater insight and control around cloud costs. These tools are integral to our operations and in use 24/7.

Verification Process

Alphaus provided a 2-month long validation process to try out their solutions, Ripple and Wave. The verification was to confirm the accuracy of the automated billing amount.

During the verification process, we had an opportunity to share our business needs and suggestions for features development to further improve the solution.

We knew that by automating the billing process and reducing cloud procurement cost would be a big advantage for us. We then presented it to management for approval.

Effects after Introduction

Bespoke integrations to the financial services system.

Cloud Comrade now has complete clarity on all the costs associated with the cloud infrastructure but are also making optimum utilization of any cloud resources deployed.

Going Forward

We are comfortable sharing the challenges our team is facing and new feature requests with the Alphaus team. They have been very responsive and accommodating to our needs so that we can continue to add value to our customers.


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