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Drive job satisfaction by engaging your talent with meaningful work, and leave the monotonous and repetitive tasks to us.


Make informed data-driven decisions based on clear and accurate information, regardless of how complex your cloud usage is.


Stop spending more than you need on your resources. Optimize your Cloud spend and avoid cloud waste.

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New approach to cloud cost management.

Our mission is to make cloud computing technology faster and easier for you.

Cloud usage by companies and organizations is steadily increasing. While the lead time required to procure and secure new resources has been significantly reduced, it is becoming more difficult to manage the complexity of Cloud resources within an organization. In addition, cost management and allocation of common costs for each department, business, and project required from the viewpoint of management accounting also require complicated calculations.

Many companies and organizations use complicated Excel macros and valuable time for in-house engineers to manage costs. The reality is that we have not come across tools and methods suitable for cost management.

Alphaus Cloud solves cloud cost management issues for companies and organizations that want to make the most of the cloud.

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Cloud Cost Billing Automation Tool

Create invoices with a single click for multiple customer accounts, departments, business units, group of companies, etc.

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Cost Visualization and Budget Management

Visualization by accounts or tags is the key to multicloud cost visibility.
The project owner can create and assign Wave accounts to various stakeholders (e.g. Finance, Procurement, Engineering Department) to foster cost awareness

Cloud Cost Optimization

Aqua recommends actionable items for companies intending to start their cost optimization journey based on past usage trends. Providing optimal selection of purchasing methods and resource types, staged by routinizing effect. Users will be able to save procurement costs.

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Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practice

Team, Culture, Toolkit

The keywords to managing an increasingly complex cloud technology are “team (system)”
“culture (organizational culture)” and “toolkit”.

In order to properly manage the cloud and promote DX through strategic investment decision-making many advanced companies have formed a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). The CCoE comprises members from various departments such as management business as well as the development.

However the important part of managing cloud cost is for every user to be more mindful of cloud usage and cost instead of merely leaving it to the hands of the management to worry about cost. Alphaus Cloud is a powerful toolkit for both users and CCoE bringing about cost awareness among users and the ability to monitor and manage cloud cost.


Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers about Alphaus' services.

I want to try Alphaus product

Customers who wish to try our product can do so for 1-2 months. Please contact us from the inquiry form for more details.

I want to know the supported cloud platforms

Currently, we support Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We plan to gradually increase the number of compatible clouds in the future.

Can it be linked with an external system?

After further inquiry about the situation, we will propose the most suitable method such as cooperation with API.

I want to know how much cost can be reduced

Based on the data provided at the time of trial, it is possible to estimate how much the cost can be reduced. Please feel free to contact us.

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