Cost Optimization

By recommending suggestions based on past usage trends. Providing optimal selection of purchasing methods and resource types, staged by routinizing effect. Users will be able to save procurement costs.

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How It WorksReal Time Cost Monitoring

By establishing a system that constantly optimizes cloud costs, you can maximize your return on investment.

Step 1:Assessing Current Usage

Aqua analyzes current usage and instance availability across multiple accounts, thus providing various cost optimization recommendations for your organization.

Step 2:Cost Optimization Recommendations

Recommendation of Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, Instance Rightsizing and Scheduling to help reduce cloud cost through realtime cost usage monitoring.

Step 3:Continuous Cost Improvement

Evaluate the results of past recommendations and utilize them for improvement. Aqua enables your organization to achieve maximum Returns on Investments.

Key Features


Easily create customized dashboards according to your preferred data sources.

Cost Utilization Report

Displays the usage status of the instances, RI, and SP to understand the amount of reduction in usage fees

Cost Reduction Wizard

Displays the cost reduction procedure based on the overall on-demand usage fee and the operating status of the instance.

Instance Rightsizing

Recommends the optimal type and size based on the instance usage status.

Coverage Ratio

Monitor the cost savings ratio applied using RI / SP to the multiple accounts.

RI / SP Recommendations

Displays the recommendations of multiple accounts at the same time.

RI / SP Management

Displays the details of RI / SP purchased with multiple accounts in a single dashboard, including expiration dates.

Expiration Alert

Receive notifications before the RI / SP expires to prevent lost opportunities due to omission of purchase.

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