4 Cloud Cost Related Sessions You Can’t Miss at AWS re:Invent 2021

The pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption, providing companies the means to support a remote workforce, scale their business, as well as explore new business opportunities. For many cloud adopters, managing cloud cost is one of their top concerns.

If your company is dealing with similar concerns, you wouldn’t want to miss this year’s AWS re:Invent which is coming up in less than a week. After a completely virtual format due to the pandemic, AWS re:Invent 2021 will be a mix of both in-person and virtual sessions.

Here is a list of 4 virtual sessions related to Cost Management and Management Tools & Governance that you can’t miss!

Improving Cost Visibility and Allocation

Speakers: Matt Cowsert & Sherri Wooldridge

Session ID: COP202

Improve financial transparency and define a cost-allocation strategy tailored to meet the complex needs of your business. Join this session and learn how to organize cost and usage for even the most complex of organizations across dimensions specific to your workload. Through AWS products such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Cost & Usage Report, AWS Cost Categories, and AWS Application Cost Profiler, you can establish the necessary cost visibility and accountability within your organization and start running your IT shop like a business.

Cost Control and Governance at Scale

Speakers: Bina Khimani & Katelyn Decraene

Session ID: COP203

Govern cloud usage and avoid cost surprises, all without slowing down innovation within your organization. In this session, learn how to set up guardrails, such as auto-cost-control actions in AWS Budgets or the ML-powered product AWS Cost Anomaly Detection. Discover the latest enhancements in the cost-control space, and learn how you can establish these safeguards to let your builders focus on what they do best—build!

Best Practices for Centralized Operations Management on AWS

Speakers: Dave Cliffe & Steve Rice

Session ID: COP302

In this session, learn how to build, manage, and operate your mission-critical applications in a secure, automated, reliable, and cost-effective way. This session covers how you can use a single control plane across multiple AWS solutions to manage and govern resources on AWS, on premises, and in hybrid environments. Join this session to learn how to streamline application management, incident management, and compliance management to manage mission-critical applications and services better.

Optimize Compute for Cost and Capacity

Speakers: Christopher Foote

Session ID: CMP210

Grow your compute capacity and enable new types of cloud computing applications while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership by blending Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, EC2 On-Demand Instances, and EC2 Savings Plans purchase models. In this session, learn how to use the power of an EC2 Fleet with AWS services such as Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, Amazon EMR, and AWS Batch to programmatically optimize costs and maintain high performance and availability. Dive deep into cost-optimization patterns for workloads such as containers, web services, CI/CD, batch, big data, and more.

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