Cloud Cost Visualization Tool – Wave PRO

Tokyo – September 09, 2021 – Alphaus Inc., a prominent startup in the Cloud Financial Management (CFM) space in Japan, today announced the launch of its cloud cost visualization tool “Wave PRO” on September 1, 2021.

Companies using public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are increasingly facing complexity in managing cloud cost and usage. Since 2018, “Wave” and “Ripple” , the components of Alphaus Cloud, a Cloud Financial Management (CFM) SaaS suite, have been solving the problem through integrated management of multiple accounts and automated billing processes respectively. However, Alphaus then found increasing challenges for cloud resellers and user companies to precisely grasp the data, as well as manage and satisfy the diverse needs of end clients.

Each public cloud service provider offers a different set of services for a different price model, which often makes the cost complicated and its management difficult. In light of this, many companies only manage to understand the costs while any cost reduction and optimization effort is left untouched. This has become an issue arising from the rapid shift to cloud computing in IT infrastructure. Alphaus provides an environment where any cloud user company can effortlessly optimize costs without spending extra time trying to understand the costs.

About “Wave PRO”

Wave PRO is a SaaS tool to manage and visualize costs across multi cloud accounts on AWS, Azure, and GCP on a single dashboard. Wave PRO is a high-end offering of “Wave”, our existing tool for cost visualization available since 2018.


■ Finer filtering and reporting
Data is available for any period selected from the calendar. Items to be displayed can be defined by service. Wave PRO now allows users the flexibility to customize their graph design. Users can also monitor the data in customized graphs predefined in the preference.

■ Cost forecast and budgeting based on actual usage
Wave PRO manages actual usage records per account and forecasts the future cost with machine learning, which enables accurate budgeting and budget tracking. Noticing cost overruns after receiving invoices is a typical problem among cloud user companies. Wave PRO allows users to set daily or monthly budgets and alerts, instantly notifying users in the instance of an unexpected cost spike.

Wave PRO realizes almost real-time data monitoring and cost optimization. In addition, it helps cost visualization at a granular level, e.g. displaying data by grouped multiple accounts or tags.

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