Singapore-based AWS Premier Partner Streamlines Cloud Operations with Alphaus Cloud and QuickBooks

Cloud Comrade, a Singapore-based cloud computing consultancy, is part of ST Telemedia Cloud, a leading public cloud solutions provider across Asia-Pacific. It supports businesses moving to the cloud by implementing infrastructure as a service solutions and building bespoke IT solutions for its customers on top of cloud platforms.

In an effort to provide high quality and innovative solutions so enterprises can enjoy the many benefits of cloud computing, Cloud Comrade has partnered with the best solution providers in the field and is the only South-East Asia headquartered AWS Partner Network Premier Tier Services Partner, Google Premier Partner, and Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Partner.

Industry:Cloud Computing Consultancy
Number of employees:51-200 Employees
Annual sales scale: 2.4 billion yen (FY2020)

The SaaS solutions from Alphaus for billing management and cloud cost optimization provide us with the requisite tools, information, and intelligence to achieve these seamlessly. These tools are integral to our operations and in use 24/7. Alphaus’ Wave and Ripple go a long way in helping maximize ROI, one of the key value propositions for moving to the cloud.

Andy Waroma
Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director
Cloud Comrade.


Migration is just one part of cloud adoption. For a smooth and secure move, Cloud Comrade also provides business strategy, process design, infrastructure management and also training and support as the human element is a crucial aspect to the success of any IT infrastructure. Despite the promising growth and outlook for migration to the cloud, the complexity and lack of adequate clarity into the costs of cloud infrastructure deployment presented a serious challenge for businesses, such as Cloud Comrade, making or facilitating such a transition. Having achieved AWS Well-Architected Framework Competency, Cloud Comrade understands the six pillars around which the framework is built.

‘Cloud waste’ or sub-optimal utilization of cloud resources is another major pain point, preventing businesses from deriving maximum ROI on their cloud spend. Cloud Comrade had been on the lookout for a more effective solution and a reliable partner who could help navigate the dynamic future of cloud management to jointly deliver even greater value and a better cloud experience for their customers.

Solution Trial

Cloud Comrade started off their journey with Alphaus with a two month trial period to try out Ripple and Wave, Alphaus billing automation and cost visualization and budget management tool. The step was crucial to ascertain that Alphaus had the necessary features to confirm the accuracy of the automated billing process and was well integrated with QuickBooks, an accounting software by Intuit.

During the verification process, the billing specialist team at Cloud Comrade also had the opportunity to share its requirements and suggestions for feature development to cater to Cloud Comrade’s business needs. Being an expert in the cloud consulting field, Cloud Comrade knew that having the right tool to automate the billing process and reduce cloud procurement cost would be aligned with the Cost Optimization Pillar of AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Why Alphaus Cloud

The overall value of Alphaus’ solutions and support, competitive pricing, along with the ability for bespoke integrations to the Cloud Comrade’s financial services system, were key considerations for Cloud Comrade to adopt Alphaus’ products as critical components for its business operations. The team at Cloud Comrade is also comfortable sharing the challenges that its team is facing and new feature requests with Alphaus.

As a cloud Managed Services Provider enabling several large organizations in the region with their digital transformation and migration to the cloud, having complete clarity on all the costs associated with the cloud infrastructure while making optimum utilization of any cloud resources deployed is a critical success factor for both Cloud Comrade and its clients.

“The SaaS solutions from Alphaus for billing management and cloud cost optimization provide us with the requisite tools, information, and intelligence to achieve these seamlessly. These tools are integral to our operations and in use 24/7. Alphaus’ Wave and Ripple go a long way in helping maximize ROI, one of the key value propositions for moving to the cloud” said Andy Waroma, Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director of Cloud Comrade.

With Alphaus Cloud

Since its partnership with Alphaus Cloud, Cloud Comrade has been able to perform its key functions as a cloud solutions provider while achieving greater savings. With the bespoke integrations to its financial services system, Cloud Comrade is able to provide their employees the necessary tools to navigate the dynamic future of cloud management and subsequently deliver a better cloud experience to their customers.

The time Cloud Comrade has been spending on cloud operations has been gradually declining, with new updates being implemented regularly for operational efficiency. The billing specialist team not only has complete clarity on all the costs associated with the cloud infrastructure, but is also able to make optimum utilization of any cloud resources deployed.

Alphaus’ Cloud Billing Automation Tool to manage AWS, Azure, GCP cloud costs and understand them accurately.

Ripple supports Managed Service Providers (Cloud Resellers) and Enterprises (CCoE / Procurement Departments). Ripple increase cloud cost visibility while reducing manual man-hours and human error by automating cost aggregation, shared costs, vendor credit allocation, and invoicing.

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Cloud infrastructure usage growth rate has slowed down from 41.6% in 2018 to 28.9% in 2022, with a market size of approximately USD 250 billion in 2022. AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform hold two-thirds of the market share, approximately USD 156 billion. Japanese enterprises increasingly depend on cloud resellers, with cloud reseller dependence rising from 43% in 2017 to 60.6% in 2022. Alphaus solution, a popular choice among cloud resellers in Japan, manages more than USD 200 million in AWS cloud usage and has helped increase resellers’ average profits by 9%.

Google Cloud主催の     CCoE Summit 2023レポート

執筆者 アルファス株式会社 福田 遥 1. 初開催の CCoE Summit 2023 について 2023年7月20日、Google Cloud主催のCCoE Summitが開催され、私も運営メンバーの一員として参加させていただきました。当日は国内のCCoEのリーダーの方々と直接コミュニケーションをとることができ、貴重な機会となりました。また、当初想定していたよりもはるかに多い来場者・参加者に参加いただき、CCoE への関心の高まりを運営メンバー一同も目の当たりにしました。 今回のトピックであるCCoE(Cloud Center of Excellence)は、企業がクラウド技術を最大限に活用するための組織や取り組みを指す言葉です。近年、日本のビジネスシーンでもこの言葉を耳にすることが増えてきました。実際、今回のCCoE Summitへの応募数や参加者数を見ても、CCoEに対する興味・関心が高まっていることは明らかです。この増加の背景には、企業のデジタルトランスフォーメーションの加速や、クラウド技術の普及が挙げられます。また、企業が持続的な成長を遂げるための戦略として、クラウド技術の導入や活用が不可欠となってきていることも要因と考えられます。 2. 当日のCCoE Summitのアジェンダと概要 CCoE Summitでは、CCoEの実践やその成功要因、そしてクラウド技術の最新トレンドに関する多様なセッションが展開されました。特に、クラウドを活用した組織変革やCCoEの活動を支援するためのコミュニティーの重要性に関する事例紹介が注目を集めました。 大手企業のクラウド導入成功事例や、CCoEが単なる社内の"便利屋"としてではなく、コミュニティ活動のような形での知識共有や専門家のネットワーク構築を重視する新しい組織構造と役割についての議論が活発に行われました。このようなアプローチは、各専門分野のエキスパートの知識や経験を集約し、組織全体のクラウド活用を促進するための共通のプラクティスとして収斂してきている印象を受けました。 アクセンチュア株式会社の青柳氏による報徳仕法を活用したCCoEのをあり方やCCoEを率先して仕組み化している企業の社内で立ち上げる側とCCoEの立ち上げの支援をする立場での議論など。今後CCoEをリードするであろう立場にある参加者にとっては非常に有意義な時間でした。 *詳しいアジェンダや各セッションの内容については、こちらの公式サイトをご覧ください。 3. CCoEの取り組みと私たちアルファスが取り組む FinOpsとの関連性 CCoEと私たちアルファスが取り組む FinOpsは、どちらもクラウド技術を活用したビジネスの最適化を目指すものです。CCoEはクラウド技術の導入や活用を推進する組織の役割や取り組みを中心に、FinOpsはクラウドのコスト管理や最適化を中心に考えられます。以下は各用語の定義です。 CCoEとは、企業などで情報システムのクラウド利用を推進するために設置される、全社横断型の組織であり、 クラウド活用に必要な人材や資源、知見などを集積し、各部門のクラウド利用を促進するための組織です。 FinOps(クラウド FinOps)とは、単発(一回性)のコスト最適化やコスト削減のアクションではなく、この用語の由来のひとつである DevOps と同様に、ビジネスの価値を継続的に向上させることを目的としてクラウドへの支出(投資)に関わるさまざまな社内(組織内)のステークホルダーが協力するための規律や文化に関する概念です。FinOpsについての用語解説の記事はこちら: 当社のお客様でも去年よりもコストの最適化関連のお問い合わせや意見交換も増え、CCoEの立場から企業全体のコストの管理、可視化、最適化の支援をする方々と話す機会も増えてきました。 そのような背景もあり、私たちアルファスとしても、CCoEの取り組みは非常に関心のあるトピックです。特に、FinOpsとの関連性や、クラウドコストに対する関心が高まっている現状を踏まえると、CCoEの取り組みは今後アルファスのビジネスにおいて欠かせないものになると考えています。このような市場環境の中、CCoE...