Ocean Cloud-Native Application Lifecycle Management

You only define your architecture requirements, plus where application code is hosted, then Ocean automates the rest for you.

Why Ocean?

Ocean empowers your DevOps

How It Works

Automated application lifecycle

While freeing devOps from operation, you focus on application development and business growth primitively.

What It Does

Ocean features

Treat Multi-cloud As One

With Ocean-template, you provision to any public cloud as working with one. Re-use the template to ship your application to any vendors.

Continuous Integration

Host your application code on any git repository (or a Docker image), Ocean-agent grabs and runs your application with blue/green deployment.

Application Security

Your application keeps safe with third-party security check tools.

Auditing Resources

A dashboard to help you monitor cloud resources, application performance and accounts activities.

Cost Optimization

You can save money quickly by RI recommendation.


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