Wave Cloud Cost Optimization and Management

With Wave, you manage multiple AWS accounts in one place, analyze your organization's cost and optimize budget easily.

Why Wave?

The problem using AWS and the solution with Wave

How It Works

Recalculate and optimize your AWS usage

Know your organization's true cost allocation by correctly recalculating AWS usage against multi business demensions such as projects, departments, teams, or even just tags.

What It Does

Wave features

RI Recommendation

Strategically buy RI & maximize ROI.

Accurately Calculate Costs

Provide true usage reports base on the rebalanced RI calculation.

Resource Recommendation

Automatically detect the resources that put pressure on costs.


Provide true usage reports base on the rebalanced RI calculation per account-level, group-level, or tags-level.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Dashboard gives a central place to view all accounts usage on a realtime basis.

True Unblended

Completely eliminate RI blending, or re-assign RI only to specific accounts.

Budget Alert

Setup daily and monthly budgets.

Multi-currency Reports

Get usage reports in your currency.


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