TOKAI Communications - Increasing Productivity and Margins with Alphaus Cloud

TOKAI Communications Corporation is a distinguished AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with an AWS Managed Service Provider certification and Networking Consulting Competency. Backed by years of experience as a telecommunications carrier, data center operator, as well as a leading AWS partner since AWS launched in the Tokyo Region back in 2011, TOKAI Communications provides a one-stop service from AWS implementation to operation.

Industry: Information and Communication
Number of employees: 1,292 (as of March 31, 2021))
Annual sales scale: 54.8 billion yen (FY2020)

Now, we can allocate our resources that were previously devoted to cost management to work that creates added value to our customers whilst providing accurate feedback to our customers.

Ms. Yoko Kamimura
Cloud Technology Department
TOKAI Communications Corporation


TOKAI Communications provides AWS billing service as a part of its AWS solution service lineup to relieve its end clients from complex AWS account management, solve their technical problems on behalf of AWS, and pay the bills in the domestic currency. The billing process each month required the effort of 10 to 15 accounting personnel to calculate their end clients’ cloud usage and its corresponding costs. The accounting personnel will then need to double-check with each clients’ account manager before issuing the invoices. This process alone took an entire week every month.

The amount of time and human resource spent on the process were starting to become a problem. Due to the manual nature of the work, there was a high chance for miscalculations and omissions in the process. Since the billing process had zero tolerance for error, Yoko’s team had to pay careful attention while looking at the detailed usage report, which led to longer time taken to complete the billing process. Not only were the team members under pressure, the team also faced a problem where the know-how became tacit and limited within specific team members, as the knowledge transfer for a task of this nature was difficult.

“We were searching for a practical solution to manage these problems for two years before our counterpart at AWS introduced us to Alphaus”, says Yoko.

Solution Trial

TOKAI Communications started off with a free trial to understand how Alphaus Cloud’s billing solution worked and to verify its calculation accuracy as well as the compatibility with the billing process at the time for two billing cycles.

The billing amount varies from client to client, with many variables to consider, some of which includes discount rate, application of Reserved Instances or Savings Plans, other service or option fee charged together with cloud spend, and many more. Hence, Yoko’s team needed to verify if Alphaus Cloud computes the billing amount accurately while taking into account these variables before replacing the manual jobs with Alphaus Cloud.

The two-months trial period helped TOKAI Communications ensure that Alphaus Cloud would fit its billing process and solve its challenges.

“We were able to have a smooth trial period as Alphaus’ Customer Success team was always there to answer our questions and help us implement Alphaus Cloud to our invoicing workflow.”

Why Alphaus Cloud

TOKAI Communications team paid close attention during the trial to verify the method through which Alphaus Cloud would automate the billing process, whether it would reduce calculation errors, difficulties in knowledge sharing and transfer, as well as the cost.

“We chose Alphaus Cloud in the end because we found it could automate the former manual jobs through the solution trial and we were satisfied with the support from Alphaus’ Customer Success team. We hoped to solve all the problems we faced with the billing process by Alphaus Cloud, and we successfully did.”

With Alphaus Cloud

Monthly invoicing job that used to consume 15 people an entire week has been automated, and now TOKAI Communications executes it in less than a day.

TOKAI Communications also shares the detailed cloud cost data with its clients through Wave, an Alphaus Cloud component specialized in the cost analysis and report, resulting in a significant reduction in cost-related questions from both the account managers in the company and the clients.

“We count on the Customer Success team at Alphaus so much as the team is well versed with the knowledge of cloud cost and gives right answers to our questions. A new challenge for us would be further cloud cost reduction and optimization.”

Alphaus’ Cloud Billing Automation Tool to manage AWS, Azure, GCP cloud costs and understand them accurately.

Ripple supports Managed Service Providers (Cloud Resellers) and Enterprises (CCoE / Procurement Departments). Ripple increase cloud cost visibility while reducing manual man-hours and human error by automating cost aggregation, shared costs, vendor credit allocation, and invoicing.

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クラウドはオンプレミスと比べ簡単に使い始められ、初期費用がかからないというメリットがあります。一方、従量課制かつ地域やサービスごとに料金が異なったり、さまざまなオプションや条件が存在し、コスト管理がしづらいと感じられることも多くあります。 各クラウドベンダーはユーザーに明確な料金を提示するため、コストに関わるコンソールを提供しています。Google Cloud Platfrom(GCP)でも 請求およびコスト管理ツール を無料で提供しており、請求額や細かい粒度でのコストが確認できます。 GCPのコスト管理ツールについて GCP のコスト管理ツールは、コストをモニタリングし、管理と最適化を行うためのツールで、AWS における AWS Cost Explorer や Azure における Azure Cost Management and Billing に相当します。 GCP のコスト管理ツールの利点は、(1) 組織全体や部門・チームごとなどさまざまな単位での費用の把握、(2) 管理ポリシーや権限と組み合わせた費用の制御、(3) レコメンデーションによる費用の最適化が挙げられています。 本記事では、次節で GCP のコスト管理ツールでできる基本的なことを確認した後、他のクラウドベンダーが提供する同様のツールとの比較をしたいと思います。 GCPのコスト管理ツールでできること 1. コストと利用状況の確認 GCP のコンソールにログイン後、メニューの「お支払い」からコスト管理画面に遷移します。対象の請求アカウントを選択すると、その請求アカウントに紐づく請求に関する情報が確認できます。 a. コストの概要 最終的な請求額をはじめ、サービス単位、プロジェクト単位といったさまざまな粒度で任意の期間の利用料金が確認できます。さらに利用料金の推移や予測、利用料金の高いプロジェクトやサービスをデフォルトで表示してくれるため、コストがかかっている箇所を簡単に確認することができます。 b. コストの詳細...

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Amazon Web Services(AWS)には、企業が簡単にクラウドコストを管理できるようにするためのツールが多く提供されています。その中のひとつとして、多くの企業に利用されているツールである AWS Cost Explorer は、クラウド利用料を把握するうえで重要なツールです。 AWS Cost Explorer では複数のフィルタリングを活用し、さまざまな角度からAWSサービスの利用料を可視化・モニタリングができます。ただ、コストを可視化できるツールが提供されていても有効的に活用できている企業は多くはありません。 そこで、この記事では今日からすぐにでも活用できる AWS Cost Explorer の利用方法をいくつか説明します。AWS Cost Explorer 以外のコスト削減に活用できるツール(AWS Trusted Advisor や Resource Optimization など)の説明も含んでいますので、ぜひ参考にしてください。 1. AWS Cost Explorer とは AWS のコストを把握する際に一番はじめにアクセスするのが AWS Cost Explorer です。過去・現在・将来(予測値)のデータをもとにコスト分析ができるので、現状理解に必要な情報を得ることができます。 AWS は、「コストと使用量を経時的に可視化・把握・管理」できる AWS Cost...

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