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Cost Visualization and Budget Management

Have you ever been caught off guard by spiraling cloud cost? Compared to on-premise data centers, cloud cost is more unpredictable and can increase rapidly without being noticed. Alphaus’ visualization tool, “Wave”, enables accountability of the cost management by allowing users to monitor daily costs, manage budgets and forecasts.

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Show Accurate Cloud Cost

Wave displays the services in use and its corresponding costs to each user.

Identify Idle Resource And Excessive Cost

Analyze resource usage , for multiple accounts and tags, to help users gain visibility of wastage.

Cost Reduction

Wave provides suggestions to eliminate waste.

How It WorksCost Analysis And Optimal RI Purchase Forecast

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Wave gathers data from the Cost and Usage Reports created on multiple accounts.
The aggregated data is then displayed for easy viewing and understanding.

Key Features

Budget Setting

Set a budget for any period based on the actual and predicted values.

Cost Forecasting

Based on the actual usage, AI will show the cost forecasting data.

Display On Time Data

Data is updated daily as soon as the CUR is updated.

Daily, Monthly, Tag

Analyze cost from multiple perspectives.

Multi Account

Centrally view and manage multiple accounts.

True Unblended

Calculate accurate cost excluding RI and SP.

Alert Feature

Set alerts on Wave to notify users when cost exceeds the threshold that has been set.

Multi Currency Support

Invoice report supports both USD and JPY.

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