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Cloud Billing Automation Tool

Manage AWS, Azure, GCP cloud costs and understand them accurately.

Ripple supports Managed Service Providers (Cloud Resellers) and Enterprises (CCoE / Procurement Departments). Ripple increase cloud cost visibility while reducing manual man-hours and human error by automating cost aggregation, shared costs, vendor credit allocation, and invoicing.

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Multi Cloud And Multi Account

Manage AWS, Azure , and GCP, as well as multiple account in one place.

Account Grouping

Since grouping can be performed in any unit across multiple clouds and multiple accounts, Ripple accurately manages these cost in departments or projects.

Cost Distribution And Allocation

Distribution and allocation of refunds, fees, credits, and other specific cost has never been easier. Ripple will handle various type of cost calculation method in order to manage cloud cost accurately and efficiently.

How It WorksSimplify Cloud Cost Management

By grouping in any unit, it is possible to grasp the exact cost for each department or project.
It automates the resources required to understand costs and reduces personalization.

Key Features

True Unblended

Calculate accurate cost excluding RI and SP. By understanding the original usage fee, you can obtain information that directly leads to cost reduction.

Multi-Cloud Support

Ability to combine costs from multiple clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP into one invoice.

Grouping cost management in any unit

By grouping AWS, Azure, GCP accounts in any unit, you can monitor costs by department or project.

User Management

Create multiple sub-users and manage their permissions to view and edit accordingly.

Apportionment Processing Of Specific Costs

Record accurate costs for each department or project through apportionment of specific costs like Tags, Refunds, Fees, and Credits.

API Integration

Utilize the open API to link Ripple with your own billing system or portal.

Marketplace Tax Exemption

Marketplace usage fees can be calculated tax-free.

Single Sign-On

Share authentication with other systems used in the company with SAML authentication.

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