SkyArch Networks Redeployed Workforce to the Jobs that Matter with Automating Cloud Cost Billing

SkyArch Networks Inc. is a fast-growing managed service provider established in 2001, and is recognized as an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner with AWS Managed Service Provider certification. Specialized in server and cloud operation, SkyArch Networks offers a one-stop service from system architecting to operation and maintenance to its customers from a wide range of industries including TMC, mobile operator, SIs, startups etc.

Industry: IT Services
Number of employees: 116 (as of July, 2021)
Annual sales scale: 2.4 billion yen (FY2020)

Our team is free from the monthly billing jobs that have zero tolerance for mistakes and is now able to focus on jobs that drive business impact more.

Ms. Tomomi Yoshida
Sales Support Team
SkyArch Networks Inc.


SkyArch Networks provides a service called “SKY-OPT” which packages AWS account management, billing management, monitoring, operation, and optimization based on AWS Well-Architected Framework into one and enables its customers to use IT infrastructure on AWS securely and efficiently.

AWS billing solution is one of the major pillars of SKY-OPT, freeing its end clients from complex cost management, and making it possible for them to pay the bills in domestic currency instead of in US dollars when they receive the invoices directly from AWS.

SkyArch Networks spent a considerable amount of man-hours on the billing operations every month previously. The process started off with exporting Cost and Usage Report (CUR) from the AWS console with switching accounts managed for login and logout. The data obtained were then merged and processed in Microsoft Excel files and filtered by each client. The generated invoices then needed to be double-checked and confirmed by the respective account executives for each client in case there were any miscalculations or misunderstanding on the business terms between the sales team and the back office.

Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SP) management were also a source of pain to the Sales Support team at SkyArch Networks. The team had to review the bills for RIs and SP that were delivered separately, in order to confirm the amount used by instance type and region before accurately reflecting the amount to the respective invoices. The manual nature of these tasks increasingly strained the team as the number of accounts managed by SkyArch Networks increased.

“We tried to complete the process within three days every month, but we often end up working late nights”, recalls Tomomi Yoshida from the Sales Support team. It usually took 9 man-days (3 people x 3 days) before passing the invoices to the account executives for further review.

Solution Trial

SkyArch Networks heard of Alphaus Cloud through the AWS user community and thought that it would solve the problems that plagued their team. SkyArch Networks had Ripple, an account and billing management component of Alphaus Cloud, on free trial to see if it would automate the manual billing process required before issuing invoices to its clients, and mitigate another problem related to a tacit knowledge.

The complexity of AWS cost often results in the situation where a company relies solely on a specific person with a clear understanding over AWS cost and who is usually one of the most experienced AWS engineers in the company. The knowledge on AWS cost calculation and billing tends to be limited to that person, thus becoming tacit and individualized. SkyArch Networks experienced the same problem at the time.

SkyArch Networks also intended to confirm that Alphaus’ solution would optimize the operational cost for running the AWS billing solution in the mid- to long-term.

Why Alphaus Cloud

After completing the free trial, SkyArch Networks found that Alphaus Cloud would automate most of the steps in the billing process which was labor-intensive. SkyArch Networks also verified that the human errors in the billing job with zero tolerance for mistakes and the problem on the individualized tacit knowledge could be significantly decreased, and decided to sign up with Alphaus Cloud.

Tomomi refers to Alphaus’ support as another reason that SkyArch Networks chose Alphaus Cloud. “There are still few services in the industry that support the customers in the local languages and in the same time zone. We are satisfied with the support provided by the Customer Success team at Alphaus in Japanese, who are backed by a deep knowledge and experience on AWS billing.”

With Alphaus Cloud

Automating the manual jobs for calculation and invoicing with Alphaus Cloud improved the working efficiency and productivity at SkyArch Networks. The process of data collection, processing and calculation which took 9 man-days in the past has been fully automated.

“We no longer have to log in and log out of each AWS account’s console to fetch the cost data. Now, we have Alphaus Cloud that can manage a large number of AWS accounts in one place, and we can check the spend there,” says Tomomi.

With the increased efficiency, now SkyArch Networks can focus on jobs that deliver values to its clients. SkyAch Networks also provides Wave, a cost dashboard component of Alphaus Cloud designed for end clients, to its clients as a part of SKY-OPT.

“Need and granularity for cost allocation differs from one client to another. Alphaus Cloud enables us to deliver the customized cost reporting and billing to our clients effortlessly,” Tomomi continues.

SkyArch Networks keeps its effort on delivering better customer experience as well as improving the profitability through purchasing RIs and SP more strategically.

Alphaus’ Cloud Billing Automation Tool to manage AWS, Azure, GCP cloud costs and understand them accurately.

Ripple supports Managed Service Providers (Cloud Resellers) and Enterprises (CCoE / Procurement Departments). Ripple increase cloud cost visibility while reducing manual man-hours and human error by automating cost aggregation, shared costs, vendor credit allocation, and invoicing.

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クラウドはオンプレミスと比べ簡単に使い始められ、初期費用がかからないというメリットがあります。一方、従量課制かつ地域やサービスごとに料金が異なったり、さまざまなオプションや条件が存在し、コスト管理がしづらいと感じられることも多くあります。 各クラウドベンダーはユーザーに明確な料金を提示するため、コストに関わるコンソールを提供しています。Google Cloud Platfrom(GCP)でも 請求およびコスト管理ツール を無料で提供しており、請求額や細かい粒度でのコストが確認できます。 GCPのコスト管理ツールについて GCP のコスト管理ツールは、コストをモニタリングし、管理と最適化を行うためのツールで、AWS における AWS Cost Explorer や Azure における Azure Cost Management and Billing に相当します。 GCP のコスト管理ツールの利点は、(1) 組織全体や部門・チームごとなどさまざまな単位での費用の把握、(2) 管理ポリシーや権限と組み合わせた費用の制御、(3) レコメンデーションによる費用の最適化が挙げられています。 本記事では、次節で GCP のコスト管理ツールでできる基本的なことを確認した後、他のクラウドベンダーが提供する同様のツールとの比較をしたいと思います。 GCPのコスト管理ツールでできること 1. コストと利用状況の確認 GCP のコンソールにログイン後、メニューの「お支払い」からコスト管理画面に遷移します。対象の請求アカウントを選択すると、その請求アカウントに紐づく請求に関する情報が確認できます。 a. コストの概要 最終的な請求額をはじめ、サービス単位、プロジェクト単位といったさまざまな粒度で任意の期間の利用料金が確認できます。さらに利用料金の推移や予測、利用料金の高いプロジェクトやサービスをデフォルトで表示してくれるため、コストがかかっている箇所を簡単に確認することができます。 b. コストの詳細...

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Amazon Web Services(AWS)には、企業が簡単にクラウドコストを管理できるようにするためのツールが多く提供されています。その中のひとつとして、多くの企業に利用されているツールである AWS Cost Explorer は、クラウド利用料を把握するうえで重要なツールです。 AWS Cost Explorer では複数のフィルタリングを活用し、さまざまな角度からAWSサービスの利用料を可視化・モニタリングができます。ただ、コストを可視化できるツールが提供されていても有効的に活用できている企業は多くはありません。 そこで、この記事では今日からすぐにでも活用できる AWS Cost Explorer の利用方法をいくつか説明します。AWS Cost Explorer 以外のコスト削減に活用できるツール(AWS Trusted Advisor や Resource Optimization など)の説明も含んでいますので、ぜひ参考にしてください。 1. AWS Cost Explorer とは AWS のコストを把握する際に一番はじめにアクセスするのが AWS Cost Explorer です。過去・現在・将来(予測値)のデータをもとにコスト分析ができるので、現状理解に必要な情報を得ることができます。 AWS は、「コストと使用量を経時的に可視化・把握・管理」できる AWS Cost...

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